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Manuka Honey USA is the First and Original Manuka Honey Company in the United States. We have been importing our pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized, truly Tested and UMF Certified Active Manuka Honey UMF(R)16+ from New Zealand for 18+ years, since 1994.

Our UMF License # 1033 is printed ON our labels. We purchase our Active Manuka Honey UMF(R)16+ from Graham Cammells Honey, located on the North Island of New Zealand. Based on our long term relations with our New Zealand Beekeepers, our importing expertise, and knowledge of where our honey is sourced from, you, the Consumer, may buy with confidence.

Manuka Honey USA also has a written and Signed Contract with the UMF Association in New Zealand, which oversees External Quality Control. Our Beekeepers pay a large Annual Fee to the Association, to have their facility inspected on a Regular Basis (External un-announced Quality Control Inspections), for consistant cleanliness. The Association also keeps on eye on the operation itself, such as how the jars are filled, labeled and packed, in order to ensure that the highest Quality, Standards and Guidelines are followed by the book.

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Our Active Manuka Honey UMF(R)16+ is collected from the remote Valleys and Alps in New Zealand, where you will find the purest Air, cleanest Water and most nutrient rich Soil in the world today. Our honey is pure, raw, natural, un-pasteuized, truly Tested and Certified at NZ Labs. In other words, "what's IN the jar, is ON the label".

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(Some companies are now filling "Regular Manuka Honey" into a jar, and label it as "active"- Buyer beware...)

During my last trip to New Zealand, I encountered the above shown lovely cow pasteur with fenced-in bee hives. If you look carefully at the hillsides, you'll see tall wild manuka bushes (latin name: leptospermum scoparium). The manuka bushes are filled with blooming manuka flowers, ranging in colors from white to pink. Manuka Honey has been used by the Indigenous People for centuries for an upset stomach or as a honey salve on openings in the skin.


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Beekeeper, overseeing beehives
on Great Barrier Island
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Manuka Honey (honey manuka, honey new zealand), and active manuka honey have been through extensive manuka honey research for over a quarter century, to learn more about manuka honey properties and the natural manuka honey benefits. Even though the research is considered anecdotal, people rave about manuka honey benefits,  and say that this manuka honey from new zealand (manuka honey new zealand, manuka honey nz, nz manuka honey), for them has been a natural remedy for acid reflux (natural remedies for acid reflux, manuka honey and acid reflux, manuka honey for acid reflux remedies for acid reflux).

Manuka Flowers in full bloom on
New Zealand's North Island.
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Getting up-close and "cuddly" with New Zealand's friendly and hardworking bees!
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Manuka Comb Honey - Great Barrier Island
Photo taken by Elaine
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