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A Few Tonics for The Immune System

March 05, 2017

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As seasons change, individuals may find themselves taking a blow right to the immune system since, sometimes, the weather changes faster than the body can recover. Most of us cannot afford to get sick for days or weeks at a time, so many tend to venture toward home remedies and over the counter medicine. Unfortunately, some medications end up stalling symptoms instead of treating them. However, there are a few essentials that always seem to get us back on track. This can certainly vary from person to person, but here are some tonics that might give your immune system a boost.

Vitamin C – Everyone, no matter the season, should always be getting plenty of vitamin C, and fortunately you can’t get ill from receiving too much. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, such as oranges and pineapples, as they are packed with plenty of other health benefits while providing daily vitamin C.

Multivitamins - This is a person’s best bet for ensuring they receive their daily supplements. Some may argue that multivitamins aren’t as effective, and this may be true depending on the brand. They are a “one size fits all” solution, but the dosage for different vitamins and minerals is often low and therefore make the risks from taking them low.

Echinacea – There are claims that Echinacea has antiviral properties and can help the upper respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. The use of Echinacea typically involves drinking at least three glasses of water with 8-12 drops of it. Some have used Echinacea for sinus infections, but expecting mothers and parents of young children should consult with their doctor on proper dosage.

Ginger – Ginger, as one of the healthier natural foods out there, is said to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial agents. To add ginger into a daily regime, cut a small piece of ginger and place it into a pot of boiling water with the fresh juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of ground turmeric, and a spoonful of Manuka honey. Some have used mixtures like these for digestive issues, nausea, and pain reduction. Since ginger pairs well with a little bit of everything, see if you can incorporate a bit of ginger into each meal.

While under the weather, it’s better to avoid refined sugars. According to most health professionals, sugar can do more harm than good since it actually further suppresses the immune system. There might be comfort in sweets, but they don’t provide any nutrients. Focus on natural sugars instead. Avoid processed foods as well and focus more on fruits and veggies.

These tonics are good for helping the body recover, but they don’t replace medical attention by any means. Practice these concoctions along with medical treatment. This ensures you receive the right treatment and provide yourself with quality care.

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