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Actress Shriya Saran Prefers Rose Water

June 11, 2017

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When it comes to beauty products, many people take cues from their favorite celebrities, who often need to look their best more than the rest of us thanks to the spotlighted focus on their profile. Whether it’s a Garnier or a CoverGirl product—or something completely natural or homemade—a celebrity’s public or subtle endorsement has the effect of inspiring their fans and admirers. For actress Shriya Saran, the answers to her beauty regimen include rose water, a type of water made via distilled rose petals.

Saran's Beauty Routine

Saran is an actress and model of Indian descent who’s starred in Hindi and English-language films alike (including an adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children), debuting in 2001. By her own account, Saran uses rose water for her skin, mixing the ages-old cosmetic and perfume ingredient with glycerin and using it for toner-moisturizer. As well, Saran carries around rose water facial mist in case she needs a quick pick-me-up while reapplying makeup or if she just wants to feel refreshed. She even claims to use it for washing her face rather than using actual water.

Using these types of products so much herself, Saran has provided her endorsement for this versatile part of her beauty routine, with some saying rose water is a good, natural cleanser that gently removes dirt and grime without harsh chemicals. It’s also said to maintain the pH balance of the skin and, due to astringent properties, is ideal for preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Rose water can even allegedly help reduce redness and inflammation brought on by the sun as well as refresh all skin types. It should be noted, however, that products using 100 percent purely distilled rose water with no additives are the safer options for anybody who may try rose water out for the first time.

DIY Face Mask

For anyone interested in trying this element of Saran’s beauty regimen, here is the recipe for an easy, DIY rose water-based face mask, which will likely moisturize and cleanse the skin as well as anything in a store. Just use 2 tablespoons of rose water, adding one teaspoon of Manuka honey and several drops of sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil. Stir these ingredients well until they form an even mixture. Then, crumble two to three mint leaves, pounding them to a paste. Add and mix this paste into your rose water/Manuka honey mixture. Once ready, apply to the face and the neck, leaving it on for about ten minutes. Rinse well and then pat dry.

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