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Best Recipes “Types” to Make with Honey

March 14, 2015

Honey Recipes

You know we love honey. We try to put it in just about everything we can. Now, while we of course think it goes with everything, there are some recipes types that are definitely better than others when it comes to this sweet treat.

Sauces and Dressings – If there is one area where honey real shows its true flavors and adds something truly special to the dish, it is in sauces and dressings. Add it to your favorite mustard and you have the perfect dressing for a turkey sandwich or a soft pretzel. Most BBQ sauces sold at stores always need a helping hand, and honey usually does the trick if it is sweetness you desire. If your favorite vinaigrette is a little thin, a few drops of honey will give it the right consistency.

Soups – oh, I know we have your attention now! Oddly enough, honey serves a different purpose in soups than it does for most other dishes. While there is the benefit of some sweetness, here it is used more to balance out the dish. For instance, soups that feature root vegetables can be a bit over the top in earthiness and taste overly-bitter. The honey offsets that and really lets you enjoy the flavor of the vegetable.

BBQ Side Dishes – a lot of people forget about mixing up the flavors when they are having a BBQ and load up on protein and smoky flavors. You need something to complement the side dishes without taking them over. You also want something that will make these sides stand out and make you look like Bobbly Flay to your friends. Honey is perfect addition to plainer sides, like corn or beans. Trust me, it will change the flavor profile just enough to get your friends asking “What did put in there?!”

Homemade Energy Bars – today, more and more athletes are making their own food for endurance events. The plain truth is that most store-bought items taste like a cardboard box. Whether you are making rice bars or oatmeal bars, honey will not only improve the flavor and work as a binder, it also adds some extra energy.

Breads, Cakes, and Cookies – why not end up with some dessert, right? Most baked recipes will include sugar as an ingredient, but we want you to start using honey as your sweetener. The trick is in figuring out the conversion rate. This may take some experimenting on your part, so we recommend some small batch cooking until you get it figured out for your favorite recipe.

*Baking with Honey – because you are using honey instead of sugar, you will need to convert the recipe. As a general rule, one cup of sugar is the equivalent to about 11 tablespoons (slightly less). Because honey is a liquid, you will also need to use a little less water and lower your temperature about 25 degrees.

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