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How You Can Naturally Eliminate Skin Hyperpigmentation

March 26, 2018

Manuka Honey Products For Skin Care, Raw Honey

For those who have never heard of it, skin hyperpigmentation is a condition that leads to the skin becoming discolored or dark in patches, caused by excess melanin within the skin. This can happen to any area of the body—face, neck, torso, hands, arms, or legs—and many factors can cause hyperpigmentation, such as conditions involving hormonal changes like pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, certain kinds of chemicals, and some skin-based injuries. Fortunately, in addition to traditional medical treatments, some very efficient natural remedies exist for treating the condition, providing even, clear skin.

Uncooked Potato Slices

While it may sound strange, rubbing raw potato slices on the skin could possibly help to treat hyperpigmentation, with its lightening effect resulting from catecholase, an enzyme in potatoes. To use, peel a potato and cut it in to thick slices. Take one potato slice and add a little water to it before taking the slice and rubbing it gently over the skin’s surface for up to ten minutes. Once finished, rinse any residue away using fresh water, repeating as much as four times per day for a minimum of one month. You can also try grated potato juice mixed with lemon juice, applying for as long as 30 minutes before rinsing and repeating twice daily for one month at least.

Vitamin E

As with other skin conditions, vitamin E can be effective for treating hyperpigmentation. Due to vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, this can help sun damage while also protecting your skin from additional harm. To use, poke holes into a few vitamin E capsules, squeeze the contents into a dish, and add several drops of castor oil, mixing everything together. Apply the mixture to the skin patches at night, leaving it on for the night and rinsing it off once you wake up. Try consistently utilizing this method for a couple of weeks for better results. Another easy solution would be applying vitamin E oil onto your fingers and massaging it gently into the skin for about ten minutes, performing this twice daily for several weeks.

Aloe & Raw Honey

Due to mucilaginous polysaccharides within in aloe vera, it could be effective for fighting hyperpigmentation, ridding the skin’s surface of dead cells and encouraging new cells to develop. Smearing aloe vera directly onto the skin before bed and rinsing the next morning could potentially lighten the skin if used consistently for several weeks. Additionally, aloe may also work well when mixed together with raw honey. Once you’ve mixed them together, let it set for about ten minutes and then apply the mixture to the affected areas of your skin. Allow the mixture to dry before washing it away with clean water, repeating daily for two or more weeks.

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