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Can Raw Honey Help Heal Chicken Pox Scars?

November 05, 2018


As most adults know, the chicken pox disease typically happens during early childhood, but what many don’t know is it can leave behind unsightly scars on your skin. In most cases, these scars eventually fade away without any assistance, but, even so, many with these scars feel embarrassed by them and want to handle the issue at a much faster rate. Fortunately, there are a few medical treatments and home remedies you can use to help speed the healing process up and make the noticeable scars dissipate. If this is something, you’re in need of, then check out some of your options below!

Vitamin E Oil

Oftentimes, scars from chicken pox will start fading within the first year after the virus has run its course. However, those who want them to heal faster can try vitamin E oil. This oil can hydrate your skin, which is crucial for getting marks on your skin to fade. Luckily, this oil can be bought without a prescription and massaged directly onto the skin, which will increase the area’s circulation and help the scar tissue feel soft again. Try using this treatment twice per day, distributing the vitamin E oil evenly over the areas with scar tissue.

Raw Honey

Honey has been called a type of ayurvedic medicine by some, and that it is supposedly helpful for managing scars. If interested, you can rub a small amount of raw honey gently onto areas that past chicken pox has affected, but make sure you avoid scratching the skin while using this remedy.

OTC Products

Several products out there claim they can help rid the body of scarring from chicken pox, usually by helping take down inflammation and scar tissue in general. Products with diphenhydramine are your best bet, as it’s often what’s recommended for removing chicken pox scarring. The chief downside is you usually need to use the products for a longer period in order to get the results you want.

Foods Rich in Vitamin K

Foods with substantial amounts of vitamin K have the added benefit of helping protect the skin and heal it, including by reducing chicken pox scarring. These foods include green turnips, liver, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, lean meat, and dairy products.


This non-invasive medical treatment is said to help in regenerating healthy skin in damaged areas. Your doctor removes the damaged layers in order to allow the unaffected, unscarred healthy skin below to show.

Photo Facial

During this procedure, laser lights are shone on the skin in order to break the scars’ pigments down. This encourages further collagen growth in the bottom skin layers and helps remove any scars that have set in deeply.

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