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Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser Recommends Manuka Honey

April 01, 2016

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Typically when one sees actors and actresses out in their real lives and off the job, many comment on how well they look and what great shape they are in even when not engaged in a major project. While we all subconsciously know they likely have trainers helping them keep in shape, it’s not often we stop to think about these “celebrity trainers” who set the standard of fitness for those who set the standard of fitness for the rest of us. For Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa, and drew Barrymore, the trainer keeping them in shape is Anna Kaiser.

In case that celebrity lineup didn’t already sound like a busy schedule, Kaiser is the founder and chief executive of AKT, a collection of dance-based boutique fitness studios mostly based in New York, according to the New York Times. She also puts in 14-hour days Monday through Saturday, shuttling between four different studio locations--two in Manhattan, one in the Hamptons, and one in New Canaan, Connecticut--to teach teach her various fitness classes. Her private sessions with celebrities are also part of her duties as the host of the ABC reality series My Diet is Better Than Yours.

Safe to to say, Ms. Kaiser, who is also married to surgeon Dr. Carlos Wesley, has a busy life and has built a very strong reputation as one the more informed voices on fitness and health. With her established, well-deserved position, Kaiser has earned a platform by which to describe how she herself maintains her nutritional health, as a way to maintain her greater personal standard on fitness and overall health. Interviewed for a list of celebrity trainers, Kaiser had the chance to describe her own personal grocery list and therefore provide an example for those wishing to try a more nutritional diet and needing a place to start.

“I love having tons of fresh, healthy options,” Kaiser said, “so I can switch up my meals from day to day, and I don’t allow myself to get bored, which can cause unnecessary food delivery or snacking!” Kaiser also tries to avoid leaving herself in a hunger void throughout the day by packing food and bringing it along during the day to have smaller meals every two or three hours and avoid hunger pangs. She also makes sure to drink at least three to four liters of ionized Essentia water per day, which also helps with unnecessary hunger.

Some of the foods and drinks that Kaiser buys for herself include: unsweetened almond milk, roast beef and rotisserie chicken, eggs, avocado, vegetables (burdock root, celery, carrots, cucumber, carrots, kale, spinach, etc.), raw almonds and almond butter, goji berries, chia and flax seeds, turkey jerky, green apples, wild salmon, quinoa, Manuka honey, Tonnino tuna, sweet potatoes, millet, hemp protein, bone broth, Runa, Ezekiel bread, green tea, Irish butter--and, of course, like a good dog owner, her grocery list includes healthy dog treats. So admittedly, not a bad place to start.

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