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Did You Know Honey is a Hangover Cure?

April 30, 2015


How Honey Can Make You Feel Better After a Late Night of Drinking

At some point, we have all been guilty of having one too many. When we wake up the next morning, all those classic hangover symptoms kick in – headache, upset stomach, and generally not feeling well. While the idea of curing a hangover with “the hair of the dog” – i.e. having another drink – may send our stomachs churning, there is another cure that you may already have in your cupboards. Believe it or not, honey is a great hangover cure that can have you feeling better in no time.

Why We Get Hangovers

In order to understand how to cure a hangover, it is important to know why we get them. Symptoms of a hangover, including upset stomach, headache, dry mouth, sensitivity to light and sound, and excessive thirst, start to set in several hours after we stop drinking. As our blood alcohol content, or BAC, continues to rise, the symptoms of a hangover continue to get worse. Hangovers are often referred to as “mini” alcohol withdrawal episodes and the symptoms can last up to an entire day after hitting the bottle too hard the night before.

How Honey Cures Your Hangover

One of the most common hangover cures is taking painkillers and drinking lots of water. While the water is beneficial, taking painkillers over a long period of time for a hangover cure can cause damage to the liver. When alcohol and the ingredients in pain medicine mix, they release harmful toxins into the body. In an effort to help protect our bodies and our livers, while also curing a painful hangover, some people have been turning to more natural cures and honey has slowly made its way to the top of the list.

Honey is often referred to as a super food and has many different uses that are beneficial to our health. Since honey is packed with antioxidants, it can help to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol and help to battle hangover symptoms. Additionally, the natural fructose found in honey helps to speed up the body, making it possible to metabolize and digest the alcohol left in your system more quickly. Natural fructose helps to break alcohol down into harmless compounds so they are more easily absorbed.

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