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Dog Owner Pampers Her Pooch with £5,000 in Gifts, Including Manuka Honey!

December 25, 2015

Manuka Honey

Special Dog Receives the Royal Treatment During the Holidays and All Year Round

Prince the Chinese crested pooch is pampered with creature comforts throughout the year, and the holidays are no exception. Owner Emma Buttarazzi has already got her holiday shopping done for her furry family member, according to Mirror.co.uk, and the gifts she has purchased reach an astonishing total of £5,000. This total crushes the national average per person in the country, which comes in at only £28.70. “Nothing is too good for Prince and I love to spoil him at Christmas. He’s one of the family.”

One of the items that Buttarazzi has purchased for her dog Prince is a pearl and Swarovski crystal laden “throne” which rang in at £2,000 as well as three silk doggie tuxedos that cost £275 each. “My favorite items are a little Santa suit and tuxedo,” said Buttarazzi. “He looks so charming in it. He loves a bit of bling. He’s a metrosexual.” But Buttarazzi is not the only one who loves to pamper Prince during the holiday, and all year round – her fiancé James Powdrill loves to do the same.

“James is as bad as me in spoiling Prince rotten. Sometimes he’s worse,” Buttarazzi explained. “We both tuck him in at night. Prince has a jewel-encrusted bed at the foot of ours, but sometimes creeps up for a cuddle.” Items are not the only thing this pooch is showered with – he also only gets the very best when it comes to his care and his diet. Buttarazzi cooks Prince breakfast twice a week, which includes organic vegetables and organic chicken breast topped with a generous portion of scrambled eggs.

The lavish living doesn’t just stop in the morning – Prince also receives a balanced and healthy lunch that includes a fruit salad partnered with yogurt made from goat’s milk and all topped with Manuka honey, which Buttarazzi pays a whopping £45 a jar for, not to mention the organic coconut oil, which runs about £20 a jar. Every month, the dog owner spends £250 on the organic and range-free food she feeds to Prince, as well as an additional £200 on his clothes and accessories.

“Although the clothes are fashionable, they are also a necessity as Prince is a hairless breed. He has boots for when it snows so he doesn’t catch a chill,” said Buttarazzi. Prince is so much a part of Buttarazzi’s family that he will be playing a very special role in the couple’s upcoming nuptials. “Prince is going to be ring bearer at our wedding,” she said. “We’re getting a special tuxedo made for him.”

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