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Dog Parks and Manuka Honey… Perfect Together

April 18, 2018

Manuka Honey

Regardless of where you live these days, there is more than likely some sort of dog walking area or dog park. Cities are trying to provide areas where citizens can walk their pets, socialize, as well as keeping the “waste” problem under control. However, with congestion often comes problems. In this case, dog bites can accidentally happen (which many people use Manuka honey to treat).

We have put together some tips to make your dog walks more enjoyable as well as making sure you get to eat your Manuka honey rather than using it to treat a dog bite…

Some Dogs Cannot Go

Dogs under a certain age, usually between four and six months, shouldn’t be taken into a dog park, along with any dog that hasn’t been vaccinated or is showing signs of injury or illness. Puppies are particularly at risk for injury from larger dogs, and they may even pick up a few bad behaviors from other dogs. On that note, avoid bringing dogs with histories of violence toward other dogs or people, choosing alternative ways of exercising and training the animal. As well, don’t ever bring an unspayed female dog in heat or an unneutered male to a dog park, as this could not only lead to unwanted pregnancies but also fights between males over females in heat.

Make Sure Your Dogs are Ready

For the best and safest dog park experience, make sure your dogs are well-socialized beforehand, as the park itself isn’t the best place to start fresh. Ideal socialization occurs in a contained, controllable environment, and all dogs entering dog parks should have a solid foundation of socialization to ensure they know how to behave around one another. As well, dogs should be trained and know basic rules of obedience, including an emergency recall. Checking the park’s specific rules and guidelines would also be wise.

Last Quick Tips

One of the most important things to remember when you visit a dog park is picking up after your dogs. Nobody wants to clean dog waste off their shoes, and some dogs even have the habit of eating or rolling in waste left by other dogs. So, be considerate—bring waste bags, pick waste up, and dispose of the waste properly. Also, don’t bring toys from home, especially if your dog has issues with resource guarding. If they do, keep them away from any toys in the park.

Finally, make sure you’re always supervising your dog when inside a dog park. Dog parks aren’t for socializing with other people or for using your phone, laptop, or tablet while your dog runs around, so keep your eyes on them at all times. Make sure you call your dogs away if you notice any especially rough play, bullying behavior, aggression, etc. It is time to go if things are out of control or your dogs have become bored or tired.

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Photo - BigOakFlickr via Creative Commons License

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