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Dr. Bures Says Honey Can Help with Canker Sores

January 19, 2016


Honey and Benadryl Could Be the Key to Helping with Canker Sores

One of the most painful and nagging experiences we can have as human beings is having a canker sore on the inside of our mouths. Canker sores are erosive and eroding ulcers that spread throughout the mouth and are often accompanied by a white or greyish sore with red, inflamed and often painful areas around it. Many ulcers will go away on their own after a period of seven to ten days, but many of us cannot wait that long to get relief. Luckily, Dr. Bures has a remedy that may help ease the pain.

In a post featured on WinonaDailyNews.com, a doctor by the name of Frank Bures offers some helpful tricks for those who are suffering with canker sores and among them is a honey-based treatment. First, Dr. Bures explains that using liquid Benadryl on the canker sore directly can help with the inflammation and additionally take away the nagging pain. Benadryl is simply branded diphenhydramine, or DPH, and is a common antihistamine for children and adults with allergies or those suffering with hives.

Another remedy that Dr. Bures shares is using honey – honey has been used for thousands of years as a means to treat all sorts of aliments, including ulcers in the mouth or on the skin. Since honey is a natural product, it is completely safe to use directly on the canker sore, which will help to calm the inflammation and ease the pain while also tasting good! It is important to note, however, that those who suffer from bee sting or pollen allergies should consult with their physician before using this treatment.

The idea of these two simple treatments is taken one step further when Dr. Bures suggests that these two treatments can be used together for the best results, helping to relieve pain and heal the sore faster. He suggests putting the liquid Benadryl on the cancer sore first and following it up with the honey treatment. In addition to honey and Benadryl being worthy applications, it has been reported that using clove oil, sage, milk of magnesia, and eucalyptus oil are also effective in treating canker sores.

At-home solutions seem to be the best option at the moment – Dr. Bures noted that an antibiotic by the name of tetracycline was once used to help treat canker sores and yielded amazing results for those who took it over a period of six to eight weeks. Since this medication was removed from the market for some time and has recently returned, the price has skyrocketed to $400 a month! With that being said, using honey and liquid Benadryl may be an equally effective and much cheaper alternative.

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