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Founders of Popular Bikini Brand Always Pack Manuka Honey

May 03, 2018

Manuka Honey

Anyone who loves watching the most recent Marvel superhero movies likely knows of the directing power of brothers Joe and Anthony Russo. There’s just something special about siblings coming together to create something wonderful that they possibly couldn’t have done the same way alone, and fortunately there’s more than one story out there featuring powerhouse siblings.

In this case, we have Oleema and Kalani Miller, sisters who together founded their company Mikoh back in 2010, which has become one of the more popular brands of bikinis and dresses worn and loved by celebrities. This includes Rihanna, Amy Schumer, Kaia Gerber, Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Being as busy as they are, both Kalani and Oleema are constantly on the move, with Kalani splitting time between California and Australia (due to her boyfriend Kelly Slater being a world renown surfer) and Oleema moving between Orange County and Oahu.

The California natives grew up modeling, sunbathing, and surfing, so it’s safe to call bikinis their bread and butter, providing diverse patterns for women of all ages and body types. Now, they’re offering up what they’ve gathered as worldwide travelers, talking traveling inspirations, destinations on their bucket lists, and a few wellness tips.

How Travel Factors into Mikoh

According to Oleema, “My travels are the biggest inspiration every single season. The Polynesian islands are my absolute favorite…you can’t help but be inspired by the colors, textures, fabrics, and landscapes of all the islands, and you can see nods to these qualities.” Answering a question regarding who she imagines when designing, Oleema stated, “I always think of a strong, confident, outgoing, and adventurous type of woman…I think of babies being sassy and grandmas carrying that same flair. I love that all ages wear Mikoh and have confidence when doing so.”

Bucket List Destinations

In terms of where the sisters want to go next—since inspiration can be found anywhere—Kalani wishes to fly with her sister to Japan, especially since they both learned the language as children. Road trips through Australia, Europe, and Alaska are also on Kalani’s bucket list. For Oleema, it’s the Swiss Alps and Antarctica. “I just realized these are all cold places—I suppose I’ve seen enough islands!” she added.

Staying Fresh and Well on the Road with Manuka Honey

By Kalani’s own word, the number of food snacks, supplements, and wellness products in general that she packs while travelling would shock people.It’s basically a moving natural pharmacy,” she admitted. “I have everything from natural Manuka honey packets…lozenges, nausea medicine, allergy medicine…and a couple Benadryl and Aleve just in case. I have a full arsenal of vitamins too. If I’m only going for a week or two, I like to pre-distribute them in a little pill case so it’s easy.”

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