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Honey and Pets

April 04, 2015


The Benefits of Honey for Your Animals

In many ways, food is considered medicine for our and our pet’s bodies – our bodies have evolved to protect us, take in good nutrients, and expel the things that can harm us. Because of this, what we eat is very important to our quality of life, and what our pets eat is just as important. In many respects, honey can be considered a “super food” for the numerous vitamins and nutrients it contains and all the benefits it has, for us and our pets.

Honey as a Super Food

Honey itself is a very simple product, but when broken down, it is easy to see how complex it truly is. In the beginning, plants take in energy from the sun to create pollen that is used to help them reproduce and survive. This pollen has proteins and a number of other substances, such as essential oils, which can have a profound effect on our body’s systems. Honey bees will then collect this pollen and mix it with their saliva to create honey, which feeds their offspring. The combination of pollen and saliva only ups the nutrients – it is rich in minerals, enzymes, a wide array of vitamins as well as proteins and sugars.

Honey for Our Pets

It is easy to see how honey can have a positive effect on human health, but what about our pets? Allergies are a common problem for many animals as well as open wounds that sometimes contract infections. Honey can provide the nutrients needed to treat these types of conditions in a healthy, natural way without having to give our pets different types of synthetic medications. Drug companies are even getting on the honey train and including this ingredient in many of their products

Honey as an Anti-Inflammatory

In addition to having a number of vitamins and nutrients, honey also has anti-inflammatory properties. This additional benefit is great for treating exterior wounds and can also help to reduce inflammation in your pet’s digestive tract.

Precautions to Take When Using Honey for Your Pets

Like any type of medicine or medical care, there are drawbacks to using honey for caring for our pets. It is important to know that honey is considered a high glycemic food – this means that ingesting it can cause problems for humans and animals who have diabetes and should be used with caution. As for treating exterior wounds, while using honey is effective, it can be a messy process. When using honey on wounds, it will be necessary to use bandages and, should the honey get stuck in the animal’s fur, it will need to be removed right away with warm water to prevent their fur from matting.

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