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Honey Drops an Alternative to Sports Gels

July 18, 2015


If you are an endurance athlete, or know anyone who is, you have likely heard of or maybe even tried energy gels. Energy gels are used by these athletes to help their overall performance including increasing energy, providing extra calories, and replenishing electrolytes. Often, these energy gels are made out of processed ingredients and while some athletes swear by them, others look for more natural alternatives. For those looking for a better tasting, healthier option, honey drops may be the way to go.

How to Energy Gels Work

Energy gels are substances that are packed with carbohydrates and other nutrients to help athletes perform at their best. These gels often come in small, single serve packaging and usually do not have the most appealing taste. Athletes ingest these gels as a means to increase their endurance, increase their energy, and replace the nutrients they are losing during a workout or long run. Energy gels, also called sports gels, endurance gels, and carbohydrate gels, are often very processed and not very healthy.

Honey Drops: Energy Gel Alternatives

For those athletes looking for a more natural, and tastier alternative, to energy gels, honey drops may be a suitable stand-in. Honey drops, like the ones offered by Manuka Honey USA, come in many different flavors and offer the same benefits that many sports gels do. These honey drops are made from honey, milk, sugar, and corn syrup plus other ingredients depending on the flavor. All of these ingredients help to give athletes the boost of energy they are looking for without having to ingest those highly processed ingredients or tolerate the sometimes unbearable flavor sports gels have.

Manuka Honey USA offers honey drops in three different flavors including Milk & Honey, Eucalyptus, and Honey Filled. All of these flavors contain no fat, no fiber, no sodium and very low carbohydrates. The main ingredients found in each one, including the honey and sugar, help to give athletes a natural energy boost before a workout or event. In addition to being an endurance gel alternative, these honey drops can often be used to sooth a sore throat naturally which some athletes who run in cold weather may have to deal with. Not only do these drops work as well as energy gels, they also taste much better!

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