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How These Women Start Their Day

June 14, 2017

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Many have their own way of getting their day going—some simply roll out of bed, some need their morning coffee or exercise, and others’ days begin with an array of cleansing and beauty products. There’s much fascination with how various men and women prepare for their full days, especially regarding those who either live nutritious lifestyles or are fairly successful. While many of us hit the snooze button until we absolutely must rise from our slumber, there is a bit of a cultural fixation regarding what men and women "should" do before stepping outside our front doors, largely because it’s easy to find inspiration from such grounded people. So, in the name of inspiration, here are a few successful women and how they begin their very busy days.

Farin Rebecca Loeb

For Ms. Loeb, a director, her morning isn’t really a matter of routine—because of a chronic neurological condition, her days can become unpredictable quickly. "There's some mornings where it's still automatic and I'm out the door in 10 minutes, but sometimes it takes a while," Loeb said. She usually begins her day with some simple physical therapy, compression socks, and preparing that day’s medications in coordination with her daily meal plans.

In terms of makeup and skin care, Loeb fluctuates based on how she feels and needs to do. If she has a neurologist appointment, she’ll shower early; if not, she might wait until after noon. She likes to experiment with makeup but must be careful due to sensitive skin. While a routine can be hard to come by, Loeb appreciates how the process sets her day up. "I don't know if the word is dignified — but [afterwards] I feel accomplished a little bit…I feel a little more confident to go out into the world."

Kristin Collins Jackson

Ms. Jackson, a beauty entrepreneur and freelance writer, has been producing much of her own skin and hair products for the last four years using natural ingredients. She begins her day with oil pulling, an Ayurvedic system for ridding toxins from the body, and then going for a run to "get the gears turning." Afterward, Jackson showers and starts the skin care process. "The pores are actually never fully closed, but that steam kind of makes my skin ready for any treatment that I'm going to give myself," Jackson said.

The remainder of the routine involves her natural, homemade concoctions, such as a daily cleanser blended with chamomile, turmeric, and Manuka honey for preventing breakouts. "I really enjoy my routine. I made it for myself and all of the ingredients are for myself, even my lip balm," Jackson said.

Tara Brose

According to blogger and model Tara Brose, “I need to shower, have coffee, wash my face, get ready. Or else, I'm kind of not awake." Sometimes exercising in the morning, or immediately stepping into the shower, Ms. Brose’s routine includes a toner, gel cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer.

As a fit model, Brose’s makeup must be simple to keep it off her clothes, so she usually wears a bit of mascara and BB cream. This shorter makeup routine leaves plenty of time for various kinds of breakfast each morning. "I need a really filling breakfast, especially if I have a fitting where I'm standing for hours, and I can't stop and eat," Brose said. This also gives her time, as a Christian, to do some reading and reflect. "It kind of gives me motivation in the morning and kind of helps to wake me up."

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