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How to Build a Better, Healthier Pantry

February 28, 2018

Eating Healthy, Eating Healthy

You think you are eating healthy, but you continue to gain weight even though you are watching your calories. It may not be that you are eating too much food, but rather the wrong foods. By building a healthier pantry, you will be amazed at how much better you feel in a very short time.

Having a “clean” pantry does not necessarily mean you have to do without delicious foods. The biggest difference is you will be cooking with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables rather than processed food. Replacing enriched flour with coconut flour, for instance, will do wonders for your diet.

Stock Up on Basics

Running out of basic items, especially during the winter months, usually results in ordering takeout, which means a lot of empty and carb loaded calories. Buying meats in bulk and freezing them will ensure you never run out during a bad stretch of weather. Same deal with spices… always have a back up ready to go and keep some fallback spices in your pantry that you can use for virtually any dish, such as Italian spice mix or Herbes de Provence. Spices can make the difference and turn a very plain meal into something special.

Oils and Vinegars

Not only should you be using oils and vinegars in place of things like sugary salad dressings, but you also need to make sure you are using the right types of oils. For instance, rather than having regular cooking oil, start using coconut oil. They even make it in spray cans now to use for a non-stick spray.

Natural, Not Processed

We cannot stress enough that processed food must be replaced in the pantry. You can start with tossing out that honey bear and adding a jar of raw honey in its place. Very few, if any, of the benefits of raw honey are found in many of the honey that is sold in our grocery and drug stores.

Tea is another consideration that many people enjoy, but don’t really consider the dangers or commercial tea bags. These common teas are usually made with low-quality tea leaves and the bags are often made from bleached paper. Not only are you getting a lower quality tea, but the flavor is going to be off because of how it is packaged. Do yourself a favor and invest in a tea steeper and buy real tea leaves.

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