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How to Make Rose Petal Honey

May 03, 2020

Check out this easy and quick recipe to make rose petal honey with raw Manuka honey.

Honey Recipes

Now that spring is here, we want to start looking at some season recipes where we can make use of seasonal ingredients, including rose petals. Rose is one of those “secret” ingredients you will often see in wellness recipes because the essence of the rose is believed to be sedative as well as offering anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with raw honey, it can be some pretty powerful stuff!

In addition to the properties of rose, it flat out tastes good when it is used in combination with other food items, such as raw honey. I would encourage you to make up a batch of rose honey now to see if you like it and if you do, start watching the calendar for the last days that roses bloom so you can make sure you make enough to get you through the winter.

Ingredients for Rose Honey:

  • Rose petals (make sure the rose petals have not been treated with any chemicals)
  • Raw Manuka honey

To make:

  1. Lay the rose petals out to check them for dirt and bugs
  2. If anything is present on the petals, gently wash them off and allow them to dry before using
  3. It is very important all the rose petals are completely dry before the next step
  4. Add the petals to a jar with a lid or a flip-top jar with a wide opening
  5. After the rose petals are added, pour the raw Manuka honey over top of the rose petals
  6. Make sure you have added enough honey that the petals are completely covered in the honey
  7. Using a mixing stick (chopsticks work great), stir the honey and rose petals together
  8. Again, make sure the petals stay completely covered in the honey
  9. If there are air bubbles present, tap the jar lightly on the counter to get them to burst
  10. Place saran wrap over the top of the jar, then close, to ensure a tight seal
  11. Place the jar in a cool dark place (such as the back of your pantry or a kitchen cabinet – just make sure the cabinet is not near a heat source)
  12. Over the next two weeks, check the jar for air bubbles and stir the honey (every two to three days will suffice)
  13. After two weeks have passed, remove the honey from the cabinet. Using a strainer, pour the honey into a new jar to remove the rose petals
  14. When all of the rose petals are in the strainer, press against them with a spoon to get those last few drops of rose honey into the new jar

That is all there is to it. Now you have a fresh batch of rose honey to enjoy. Use it in your tea or spread some on a bagel or scone to enjoy during breakfast.

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Recipe via Holistic Health Herbalist

Photo By motghnit

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