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Laura Dern Prefers Matcha Tea with Manuka Honey

September 25, 2018

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Whether you know her for her early work in Blue Velvet or Wild at Heart, her starring role in Jurassic Park, or her recent, award worthy work, including a supporting role in HBO’s Big Little Lies that won her an Emmy and a Golden Globe, Laura Dern is an actress who has earned our attention and our praise, even acting as an advocate for Down syndrome awareness. In addition to her many accomplishments, Dern, 51, has what might be described as a relaxed but still very healthy approach to fitness and diet, which should be expected because Dern appears to have aged very little in two decades.

However, while other starlets swear by smoothies and green juice, Dern says that one of her ways for looking as young as she does is a type tea drink she threw together herself after doing some research. Specifically, Dern, as she said to the New York Times in 2017, makes matcha green tea using a whisk, and the Academy Award nominee loves it dearly. “I put Manuka honey in it,” Dern said. “My children are like, ‘Mom! That honey is odd.’ But then, when they don’t feel well, I make them hot water with fresh ginger, Manuka honey, and a dash of cayenne. Drink that tea, and life is good.”

However, you might be asking—what exactly is matcha? Within the past few years, matcha, which is a tea powder with a bright-green color to it, has grown increasingly popular, with many people even finding ways of using it outside of typical tea uses, such as for sparkling tonic, cookies, and ice cream. In addition to a stark green hue and a decent flavor, matcha is also said to boast many health benefits, with several scientific studies allegedly claiming the antioxidant-filled brew increases metabolism, suppresses hunger, possibly reduces one’s chances of developing depression, and might even help to prevent cancer.

With all of this in mind, if you want to take Dern’s lead and start blending up matcha for yourself, you will want to consider one thing first: matcha packs a fairly serious hit of caffeine, possibly even more than you’re used to. One cup of matcha tea has just as much caffeine as your everyday cup of coffee, which means that unless you can withstand a considerable case of jitters, you will want to consume this drink with caution. Come for the benefits, but try to avoid overdoing it!

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Photo via The Ellen Show Youtube Video

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