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Manuka Honey and Other Remedies for This Common Infection

December 01, 2018


Commonly known by the name “jock itch,” especially in athletes and men, the fungal infection tinea cruris causes both burning and itching of the groin, thanks to a fungus called Trichophyton rubrum, which also causes ringworm nail infections, foot infections, and beard, hair, and scalp fungal infections. As with most types of fungi, T. rubrum grows in warm, moist areas, which is why athletes and individuals who produce a lot of sweat tend to struggle with it.

Diagnosing this condition quickly is crucial for keeping it from spreading, and you should watch for common symptoms, such as burning or itching of the groin or inner thigh, raised or scaly red patches of skin, or potentially oozing blisters. Treatment for an infection like this should include regular prescription or OTC options, but you should also include equally cost-effective natural remedies, especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin. If you think you want to add a natural remedy to your treatment of jock itch, from Manuka honey or aloe vera, then you should check out a few of your options below.


It turns out that diet plays a large part in preventing jock itch, as high carb/sugar diets encourage fungi growth. Cutting down on beer, wine, and similar alcohol products may also help your body fight your fungal infection.


This particular remedy can be found in skin powder and is typically used for treating diaper rash, as it’s ideal for absorbing moisture. When used on areas afflicted with jock itch, cornstarch can calm burning and itching and help you avoid scratching. Place a small amount on sore areas twice per day and use regularly to prevent more fungal issues.

Manuka Honey and Garlic

Manuka honey and garlic are allegedly strong natural remedies for fighting bacteria, making them a strong combo for fighting jock itch. To use, mince two garlic cloves and mix it together with two tablespoons of the honey. Add in lukewarm water in order to form a paste, and then apply twice per day for about 15 minutes at a time. Additionally, you can eat garlic and swallow garlic capsules for easing any discomfort or pain caused by tinea cruris.

Chamomile Tea

Many have heard about using chamomile tea for sleep, but the tea also has soothing and gentle properties that may help with easing irritation and inflammation on the skin. To promote healing for tinea cruris, steep a chamomile tea bag and take pleasure in the cup of tea while putting the cool bag onto your skin.

Aloe Vera

This thicker-skinned succulent has been used widely in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. The gel-like element found in the leaves is said to have antioxidants that inhibit bacterial growth. The gel also penetrates below the skin’s outer layer, thereby providing deep, rapid healing. The glycoprotein within aloe vera should help reduce inflammation, ease itchiness, decrease pain, and knock the bacteria out.

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