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Manuka Honey Made it to the Oscars' Secret Gifting Room

March 12, 2016

Manuka Honey , Manuka Honey Products For Skin Care

The Oscars are always what most people talk about at the end of February, whether it’s because of who won, any controversies, if the host was funny or successful, if the musical numbers were on key, any award snubs, etc. Celebrities come in by the hundreds to attend the big event to socialize, show support, make connections, and also get press time whether they’ve been nominated or not.

While no doubt the annual Oscars make for an amazing social experience for those celebrities and the people watching at home, the Oscars are also also an an event that gives businesses the chance to grow exponentially just by placing their products in celebrity gift bags and possibly becoming a famous person’s favorite manufacturer of his or her favorite product. This is made possible by Secret Room Events, like the one held right before the 2016 Oscars.

Secret Room Events is a brand marketing firm that specializes in niche market appeal in the entertainment industry, producing gift lounges and private events for Hollywood celebrities. The goal attached with this company is to afford businesses the chance to interact with persons regularly in front of the press--that way those businesses can grow their brand by associating them with famous, influential people. Endorsements go a long way in bringing notoriety, credibility, and attention to a brand, and ones from celebrities are extremely effective in raising one to a mainstream level.

When it comes to the Oscars, Secret Room Events held a gifting lounge for the celebrities either staying in the hotel hosting the lounge or attending the ceremony itself. The Oscars’ Secret Room Event featured skin and hair care products, necklaces, clothing, greeting cards, pillowcases, soaps, and makeup, all representing companies who wished to attain recognition and class and to expand and grow into something effective, popular, and sustainable. One sponsored product came from the company Airelle--specifically a hydrating masque made with pure Manuka honey produced in its homeland: New Zealand.

The Manuka honey-based product made it into dozens of celebrity gift bags, allowing its appeal to spread even further. This type of honey has been growing in popularity all throughout the world and has made a name for itself for its numerous properties and benefits. As a whole product or as an ingredient, the word continues to spread about Manuka honey, and even if this Secret Room Event contributes in only the smallest way, the effort is worth it. Besides, it does make sense for people to look their best and have as many options as are available in a fair, free market!

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