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Manuka Honey Spices Up This Mother’s Beauty Routine

April 09, 2019

Manuka Honey

For Indian wellness blogger Shagun Khanna, there is plenty to say about beauty and living your best life—in fact, it would take little effort to create your skincare and diet regimen once you spent several moments checking out her social media pages. Khanna, who might be considered a “good influence” type of blogger, offers up anecdotes on how she stays healthy daily. The 45-year-old mother of two opened up even further recently by sharing her everyday discoveries and experiences regarding her beauty routine and diet, and you can find the lowdown below.

No matter the day, Khanna starts her day with 20 minutes of meditation and deep breathing. From there, she drinks hot water and lemon before moving to water with a teaspoon of spirulina. “I believe in setting yourself up for a good sleep, as it impacts your morning routine the next day. I limit my screen time, try to clear my mind before bed, and also use rescue remedy sprays to calm my mind. Apart from that, I follow a night skincare regime,” Khanna said.

Exercise includes morning workouts for five days of the week, including strength training for three days and cardio for two days. After that, Khanna breaks fast with either a smoothie or gluten-free peanut butter toast, but if she wants to take her time, it’s soaked almonds with almond milk or oats porridge and chia seeds instead. In terms of supplements, Khanna says, “I don’t stick with one supplement for too long. My current daily intake includes probiotics, vitamin C, and Manuka honey.”

Though her regimen appears strict compared to others, given she also stays away from refined food and dairy and rarely has cheat days, Khanna claims to not be “a fan of setting targets.” She prefers going slow and being consistent with changes that she introduces into her routine. Even so, “one shouldn’t expose one’s body to drastic changes at once. I like to practice them one at a time. Besides, I always listen to my body and work them into my routine accordingly.”

One area where Khanna really allows for regular change is her meals, with varieties of protein shakes and organic nuts and oats lightly filling up her breakfast hour as well as anything with small amounts of carbs (lunch and breakfast are the only times where she does so). “Lunch always involves protein, vegetables, red rice, or protein bread,” Khanna said. “For dinner, I stick to lean protein like fish or chicken with sautéed veggies.” Khanna’s meals also include items meant to promote hair health, including nuts, seeds, and healthier oils like avocado oil and sesame oil. “I include fish like salmon, greens, and spirulina powder, all of which help keep your hair healthy inside out. I also go for spas once a month to keep my hair hydrated,” she added.

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