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Naturally Increase Your Stomach Acid Levels with Manuka Honey

November 15, 2018

Eating Healthy, Eating Healthy

As many discover the hard way, lower stomach acid levels reduce the number of nutrients the body is able to absorb—in addition to causing digestive problems, such as bloating and heartburn. Because of this, it’s crucial for you keep stomach acid at a healthy level and to improve it if you’ve developed signs of lowering stomach acid. While you should certainly adhere to any recommended treatment from your medical healthcare professional, you can still try out a few natural ways of doing this too, including these simple strategies:

Eating Fermented Vegetables

The digestive issues commonly caused by lower levels of stomach acid can be greatly helped by eating more fermented vegetables. For instance, fermented foods have probiotics that help to decrease inflammation as well as bad bacteria, which often accumulate whenever your stomach acid levels get low. Some fermented vegetables you should try are kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles, and try eating them at least once a week or more.

Adding Ginger into Your Diet

Due to its considerable anti-inflammatory properties, it’s possible for ginger to be quite beneficial for people who have lower levels of stomach acid. Ginger supposedly reduces inflammation while also easing digestive issues linked with low stomach acid, including acid reflux. You can add ginger to tea, sprinkle it onto some main meals, or even make ginger water.

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

For people with lower stomach acid levels, apple cider vinegar is said to help by increasing stomach acid due to having low pH levels itself. To use it, just add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water or two and enjoy the perks. There are some sources that say ACV also helps in enhancing weight loss, but the evidence is far from conclusive.

Increasing Liquid Food Intake

Because the stomach cannot break foods down as well whenever its acid levels are low, it would be wise to focus on foods you can more easily digest. Yogurt, protein shakes, green smoothies, and similar liquid foods should provide you with the nutrients you require daily while also keeping digestion healthy.

Reducing Number of Sensitive Foods

Unfortunately, lower levels of stomach acid are known for increasing food sensitivity and food allergies. While you’re working to increase your stomach acid levels, you should avoid foods you’ve become sensitive to while your stomach heals.

Chewing Food Thoroughly

The stomach can struggle to break food down if it hasn’t been thoroughly chewed up, and this is the cause especially when your stomach acid levels are low. With this in mind, remember to thoroughly chew food before swallowing, especially since this encourages digestive enzymes while also preventing overeating.

Taking Manuka Honey

While the research is still ongoing, Manuka honey, which originates from New Zealand, is said to have strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which, if true, can help in treating bacterial overgrowth. Some research is even suggesting Manuka honey could help in reducing ulcer symptoms, which low stomach acid levels are risk factors for. You can use Manuka honey by taking one to two teaspoons per day by adding it to tea or using it as a sugar substitute.

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