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New Zealand Manuka Honey

November 18, 2016

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In Doubtless Bay, New Zealand, at least tens of thousands of bees or 300 hives were killed. The owners of Daykel Apiaries and the lost hives believe the cause of death may have been poisoning. So far, no one knows what happened to the bees, but many believe the deaths were a form of sabotage against a competitor in the Manuka honey industry. The popularity of Manuka honey has risen extremely in the last few years, and the booming industry has led to many crimes and bee killings in response.

To keep up with rampant demand, beekeepers have increased and are often using supplementary feedings due to the competition for food, specifically nectar, among bees. For beekeepers to market and sell their product as Manuka honey, they must keep their hives close to the Manuka plant to sell their product as such. Some beekeepers have grown frustrated with newer beekeepers and are suggesting they are setting up hives too close in proximity and infringing on their production.

Native to New Zealand, Manuka is a scrub tree bees visit and use to produce highly valued honey, and the previous ill-thought of scrub has been used in wound dressing. Manuka, as many likely already know, is currently experiencing a global craze and turning a major profit. Last year, honey producers brought in over 20 tons of honey, and exports are expected to reach $400m in a few years. Due to this success, theft and vandalism have also risen, leaving beekeepers to travel in packs for protection.

In the past year, New Zealand police forces have received almost 200 reports of theft. For the Daykel Apiaries case, police have investigated the case, but it was dropped after officers couldn’t find any leads. The recent mass bee death cost an estimated 200k in damages. Some beekeepers have also grown frustrated with officials and prefer to take matters into their own hands. Over the years, hives have been stolen, vandalized, and poisoned, costing over thousands of dollars in damage. Some beekeepers are considering setting up GPS trackers despite their added expense.

Midnight raiders began breaking through gates and throwing hives into bags into the back of the trucks. The raids tend to occur at the same time, usually within the first week of the month, a possible sign of intimidation tactics against beekeepers. The sabotage has many considering leaving the industry before it gets worse while some beekeepers have left the profession altogether and refuse to be involved. Bill Guest, who was originally a beekeeper until his 90's, now spends his time tending to his vegetable garden. Hopefully, future police investigations will find a way to coordinate and put a greater dent in these incidents.

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