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Raw Honey Hacks You Probably Never Heard of Before

February 13, 2020

Oh, you have to try these raw honey hacks! Read more...

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Generally, we talk about honey as a food, but if you search the internet, you will find a wide variety of skincare and alleged health hacks using raw honey, specifically Manuka honey. Well, we went on a search and here are some of the more interesting ones we found, some of which we doubt you have ever heard of.

The Basic

Lip Balm – this is a pretty common one and there are plenty of products on the market incorporating raw honey. However, you can also make this on your own for just a few pennies and the plus side is there are no artificial ingredients.

Sore Throat – this is arguably the most common use of honey outside of it being a food source. Personally, I have used it for this very purpose in both hot tea and, when I am looking for something a little more potent, a hot toddy.

Energy – we all know honey has its fair share of carbs, but raw honey is far healthier than throwing down a product with a pile of sugar included in its ingredients. Endurance athletes are now using this in place of “goo” products as well as making their own energy bars using raw honey as a sweetener for that extra little kick.

The Not So Basic

Most of these will involve skin or hair care tips and honey diehards are already probably using them, but the general public may not know these little secrets.

Honey Hair Mask – it may seem counterproductive to put honey in your hair, but this is a quickly growing trend and people are loving it. For best results, cut the honey with something like coconut oil, then apply for about 10-15 minutes before washing out.

Face Mask – we have seen this used as a regular skincare mask as well as a treatment for acne. If you search the internet, you will literally find dozens of recipes, including quite a few here on our website.

Hangover Cure – yes, honey is a way to fight that morning-after headache. Due to the fructose properties of honey, it can help boost your metabolism and shake off the cobwebs the day after you have had one too many.

Can Raw Honey Really Do That?

Now, some of these you may have never heard of, but “those” people tell us it works, so why not give it a try?

Sunburn – you would apply the honey much like you would aloe. Just lightly rub it on the affected area and let the honey do its thing.

Cleaning Wounds – this may arguably be one of the more controversial claims, but there is more and more data to back this up, or at least testimonies, especially in the veterinarian world. The natural properties of Manuka honey are believed to be able to help clean the wound as well as help with scarring. We have seen vets treat everything from turtles to horses to dogs and cats using Manuka honey with some pretty impressive results.

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