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Songs About Honey

May 16, 2015


Another Way Honey is Creating a Buzz in Mainstream Culture

For many of us, there is a song we can think of at any given time that relates to what we are thinking, feeling or experiencing. Just like there are songs about love, animals, sadness and many other things, there are also a lot of songs that are all about honey – in fact, there are probably more songs about honey than there are bees in the average honeybee hive! Here are some of our favorite songs about honey and some background information on the songs and the artists that brought them to life.

“Honey Honey”

The song “Honey Honey” was originally written and performed by artist Feist, who was personally known as Leslie Feist. Born in Canada in February 1976, Feist is an indie pop singer and songwriter who performs both solo and with an indie rock band called “Broker Social Scene”. Her song “Honey Honey” was featured on the artist’s third solo album titled “The Reminder” and has recently been featured on an episode the popular television series “The L Word” and its video is a 2009 Juno Award winner.

“Just Like Honey”

The Jesus and Mary Chain, an alternative rock band hailing from Scotland, released a number of albums, EPs and singles between 1983 and 1999 and heavily relied on the cooperative songwriting of brothers Jim and William Reid. “Just Like Honey” was the first track on the band’s first studio album “Psychocandy” that was released in late 1985. “Just Like Honey” was able to reach the 45 spot on the UK Album Chart and was also featured in the closing scene of the 2003 movie “Lost in Translation.”


“Honeychain” is a song that was performed by “Throwing Muses,” an alternative rock band originally formed in 1981. Hailing from Newport, Rhode Island the group recorded and toured extensively up until 1997 when band members shifted gears to work on other projects. The band produced nine studio albums, many of them reaching high spots on the UK Albums Chart. “Honeychain” was featured on their 1991 album titled “The Real Ramona,” which reached the 26 spot on the UK Albums Chart.

“Me in Honey”

“Me in Honey” is one of the many songs produced by popular 1980s American rock band R.E.M featuring another artist by the name of Kate Pierson. By the early 1990s, R.E.M was considered the pioneer of the alternative rock genre by other popular bands such as Pavement and Nirvana. “Me in Honey” was featured on their 1991 album titled “Out of Time” which contained elements of classical, folk and pop music and included one of their biggest U.S. hits “Losing My Religion.”

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