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This Manuka Honey-Turmeric Drink May Improve Sleep

October 15, 2018


In this day and age, there are plenty of things that can cause you to start losing sleep—from a busy, stressful lifestyle, a digital device that emits blue lighting before you go to bed, to bedroom set ups that aren’t conducive for getting a good night’s sleep. So many factors contribute to sleepless nights, and many healthcare professionals will recommend their patients remove digital devices, minimize light pollution from entering their bedrooms, and participate in stress-relieving and breathing techniques. However, there is an often forgotten mineral out there that could hold the key to achieving a deep, full sleep—magnesium.

According to Lisa Ryan, a journalist reporting on the effects of magnesium, several medical professionals she previously interviewed stated that this seemingly innocuous mineral has considerable benefits in regard to sleeping through the night without interruption. Ryan learned that magnesium is essential for protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, and bone health, but magnesium may also help individuals achieve more consistent sleep patterns due to the mineral’s supposed ability in calming the muscles and inducing relaxation.

Because of magnesium’s possible benefits in helping individuals get to sleep, it can be used effectively in several ways. One of the simpler methods for using magnesium, specifically for individuals who tend to suffer from anxious or overactive thoughts to the point of losing sleep, is a drink that only takes two ingredients to make. According to Dr. Tara Stewart, who is a medical doctor and neuroscientist, this drink consists of turmeric and almond milk, and it needs to be taken before the individual goes to bed.

As to the reason why such a simple drink could help improve sleep, almond milk is said to contain a high dose of magnesium, which Dr. Stewart says can decrease cortisol—a stress hormone—and therefore calm down a person’s nervous system. On the other hand, turmeric allegedly has a great many anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to prevent any nightly stomach issues that might interrupt sleep.

Additionally, Dr. Stewart says that anyone who is looking to sweeten their turmeric-almond milk night cap should use Manuka honey as a sweetener rather than traditional sugar, as the New Zealand-originated raw honey is said to help when it comes to boosting the immune system. With this in mind, when buying your carton of almond milk, make sure to buy an unsweetened variety with one gram of sugar or less in order to add that sweet, helpful dose of Manuka honey.

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