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Gourmet Honey Medicine

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    Gourmet Honey Medicine

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    'Honey, the Gourmet Medicine' is a well written book about the natural benefits of honey. Dr. Molan, senior lecturer, biochemistry, of the Waikato University in New Zealand has been researching Manuka Honey for over two decades. In his research, he found that manuka honey had unique properties unlike any other honey found in the world today.

    It is well documented, that honey has been used for centuries to sooth an upset stomach, or use as a salve on open wounds. Scientists around the world are just now starting to give manuka honey the credit it deserves. Clinical trials and studies are being conducted not only in New Zealand, but also in the USA, Europe, Canada and Asia.

    The Book 'Honey, the Gourmet Medicine' addresses issues such as Honey as Medicine, Antibacterial Properties of Honey, Other Health Benefits, Honey for Wounds, Honey for Burns, Honey for Stomach Problems, Honey for Eyes, Honey for the Skin, Honey for other Maladies, Honey for Antibiotic Resistance, Honey for Athletes.

    The Joy of Honey chapter includes valuable information such as: superior and gourmet honey, toxic honey, storing honey, buying honey, recipes, mead, honey ale and other bee products.

    Honey, the Gourmet Medicine book includes everything you have ever wanted to know about honey. Many applications may surprise you!

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    Health Remedies

    Honey has long been used to make natural remedies for various ailments, making it popular with practitioners of alternative medicine.