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Pohutukawa Honey 17.5 oz

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    Pohutukawa Honey 17.5 oz

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    17.5 oz = 500g

    Pohutukawa - Metrosideros Excels

    These sturdy trees grow along New Zealand’s abundant coastlines, often on cliff faces and in rugged outcrops. Given their proximity to the ocean, the trees are often coated in a salt spray from the sea, leading the Maori People to give them the name Pohutukawa, meaning, “drenched in mist”.

    The first European settlers to New Zealand referred to the Pohutukawa as the New Zealand Christmas tree, due to its scarlet flowers that bloom at Christmas time. Today the wide spreading canopy of the Pohutukawa provide shelter from the intense summer sun to thousands of New Zealanders, as they enjoy the sand and surf. The Pohutukawa Tree can grow to a height of 25 meters (approx. 83 feet). The Pohutukawa is a New Zealand native. Its scientific name is “metrosideros excels”, which refers to the hardness of the trees timber, and the height to which it can grow. Metrosideros meaning "iron wood", and exclesa meaning "high". Pohutukawa Honey

    To taste Pohutukawa Honey is truly a treat, as it is one of the rarest honeys in the world today. Pohutukawa Honey has a pale yellow color, a very smooth texture, and could be compared to tasting a little like beeswax, sweet, but not too sweet, with a barely noticeable mild “salty” taste, due to the Pohutukawa’s proximity to the ocean.

    Uses for Pohutukawa Honey:

    Personally, I spread this incredibly rare, unique and delicious tasting Pohutukawa Honey, harvested from New Zealand’s coast, on homemade braided Swiss breakfast bread called “Zopf”. Every bite is such a delight. Get just 1 jar, and try to describe it yourself, you may become pleasantly “addicted” to it…

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    Health Remedies

    Honey has long been used to make natural remedies for various ailments, making it popular with practitioners of alternative medicine.