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Wooden Honey Stir Stick

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    Wooden Honey Stir Stick

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    Artesian Wooden Honey Stir Stick

    The artesian Wooden Honey Stir Sticks are hand crafted by a local artist from Oklahoma. Made in the USA.

    Each honey dipper is first laser cut and engraved out of solid alder hardwood, then hand sanded, cleaned and rubbed with food-grade butcher block mineral oil. The mineral oil treatment gives the honey dipper the nice sheen like a kitchen utensil should have.

    How practical is the artesian Wooden Honey Stir Stick, compared to the traditional round honey dipper?

    The honey flows much easier from this hand crafted stir stick, which means, you can either use it to drizzle on pancakes, or you can use its “flat paddle-like” shape to spread honey on toast. The artesian Wooden Honey Stir Stick serves a double function… Of course the adorable bee design just adds to its charm and practicality, in other words, you won’t forget the purpose of this specific dipper. Once you try the precision laser and hand crafted Wooden Honey Stir Stick, there is no going back to the old rounded dippers.

    Our staff at Manuka Honey USA each tried out a sample Wooden Honey Stir Stick, before placing our first order with the Oklahoma artist, and we instantly fell in love with its drizzle and spread capabilities, combining both beauty and function.

    Keep this artesian Wooden Honey Stir Stick in mind as year-round gifts for everyone on your shopping list – they will love it!

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