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Band of Sisters Bands Together for the Honeybees

May 29, 2016

Bee Colony Collapse, Honey Bees

Honeybees and a Barn Show

When it comes time for siblings to go to college, more often than not they find themselves losing touch and growing apart as the years go on and individual identities are developed. Even so, sometimes the opposite occurs in that despite distance and busier schedules, siblings not only make the time to see each other, but they actually share a passion and explore it together, ultimately bringing them closer. One group of three sisters, Rachel, Rebecca, and Kat Wolff from Canton, Massachusetts, despite attending different colleges in Boston found that their relationship outside of childhood was flourishing—and as a result, so did their band, the eponymously named The Wolff Sisters.

Having burst onto the music scene back in 2009 when the sisters were teenagers, The Wolff Sisters has been performing and simultaneously reinventing its blend of blues rock ever since, playing music festivals, universities, fundraisers, and cafes all over Boston. The sisters' next upcoming show, while intended to spread awareness of their music, has another goal in mind as well—to raise awareness and support for honeybees, whom as we all know are suffering population declines by way of overused pesticides, disease, and the mysterious colony collapse disorder.

This show, “Barnshow for the Bees,” is a fundraiser that directly supports efforts to save our favorite pollinators by Pollinator Partnership, a San Francisco-based nonprofit. According the Rebecca Wolff, the eldest sister, “We will be talking a little bit about why saving the bees is important now…scientists don’t know why [declining populations] are happening. A lot of ecosystems will be disrupted.” In addition to the proceeds going to Pollinator Partnership, limited edition yellow and black “Wolff Sisters” sunglasses will be sold to help the nonprofit and its efforts, providing marketing for the sisters’ band and help for the honeybees.

The sisters, whose band also includes three other members from Rachel’s alma mater, claim there has “always been music in the family,” from their dad playing piano, their mother dancing, Rachel and Rebecca playing guitar, and Kat on piano, and now they plan to use that music for a good cause. “We’ve had trouble with timing,” Rebecca said, given they had to work around work and class schedules. “But I like playing with my sisters. I’d always wanted to: I think it gives a unique flair to the band. As a singer, when we harmonize together, it’s something unique. And it’s so much fun.”

The barnshow for the honeybees also includes collaborations with other local Boston bands, showing without a doubt that efforts to raise money for research and conservation increase ten-fold with the help of like-minded voices of the time and area.

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