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‘Creative’ Uses of Charcoal and Manuka Honey

May 31, 2018

Manuka Honey

While everyone is familiar with charcoal, whether as a water filter or for an art class, there is a different class of charcoal that is actually helpful in more ways than one—activated charcoal. This type of charcoal is made differently, being pure and intended for medicinal and food-grade use. Also, more oxygen is added during its high heat processing, which leads to a more permeable product that has a greater surface area, thereby producing a greater ability for removing toxins. Activated charcoal has apparently been utilized for millennia in both Western and Eastern medicine and contains sizable benefits to this day, some of which can be found below.

Whitening Teeth

Using a small quantity of activated charcoal for brushing your teeth can be surprisingly effective. To use, just brush it on with a toothbrush, leave it on for several minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly. If you use activated charcoal regularly, it can remove buildup and stains from the teeth and provide a whiter appearance.

Cleansing Your System

It’s not uncommon to see charcoal lemonade in local health food stores or juice bars, especially given its reputation for detoxification, but it’s actually something you can easily make in your home. There are some sources who stipulate that regular consumption can help reduce a person’s weight, and others say activated charcoal can help remove toxins before they reach the kidneys, thus helping reduce how much the kidneys are required to handle and improving their function. Raw honey can be added to this mixture to give it a bit more flavor as well as making it more palatable.

Taking Care of Hair

Because hair is extremely porous, you might have noticed that your hair often smells like food, cigarette smoke, or other substances you’ve been around throughout the day. These toxins can be removed from hair through the addition of small amounts of activated charcoal in your shampoo. On that note, just ensure that you thoroughly rinse your hair after using it to remove the black powder entirely from your scalp.

Helping Wounds

With activated charcoal being as good as it is at removing toxins, it should surprise no one that it helps to support your body while healing wounds like scrapes, bites, and cuts. To use, try combining the charcoal with coconut oil or Manuka honey and use in addition to antibiotics and other medicinal necessities.

Preventing Hangovers

While medical literature says that activated charcoal won’t help regarding alcohol removal from your bloodstream, many still insist on its ability to cure hangovers. After a night of drinking but before you fall asleep, try swallowing two or three capsules (as you would two or three ibuprofen) and see how it works.

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