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Five Countries That Regularly Use Honey in Skin Care

August 15, 2020

Great beauty tips from beautiful women from around the world.

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Honey is a natural skincare ingredient that has been around since the earliest civilizations. This is quite evident when you see how prevalent it is in countries that are known to have women who regularly seem to cheat Father Time when it comes to the youthful appearance of their skin. When you see this list, it will definitely make you think about adding this liquid gold to your regular skincare regime.


The entire world is obsessed with the beauty of Korean women. When you see one of these beautiful ladies, it is hard to tell if you are looking at someone that is barely enough to get a drink legally or someone that has three children and waiting for AARP membership to show up. Honey plays a significant role in Korean skincare practices, being used for just about anything and everything you can think of.


Ah, the land of milk and honey… literally. The milk and honey bath has been around for ages, made popular by Egyptians. This may be a very expensive way to keep your skin young and beautiful, but it does seem to work. Just ask Cleopatra if you doubt it!

Saudi Arabia

In Middle Eastern culture, women are often fully covered, including their faces. However, behind those veils is often a very beautiful and young-looking woman. One of the more popular skincare uses of honey in this culture is using it as part of an exfoliant. Combine oatmeal with honey and milk, then apply the paste to your face and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. Wash away with warm water.


One of the beauty secrets of the Romanian women is using cornmeal in their beauty routines. It is used in several different ways, most notably as both an exfoliant and a face mask, which is where the honey comes in. Mix cornmeal with lemon and honey, then apply it under your eyes to fight off those dark circles we all hate so much.


Persian women are also among the most beautiful in the world and guess what… they love to use honey in their skincare routines as well. Again, honey is used primarily as an exfoliant but with an ingredient we don’t see mentioned too often. In Iran, it is very common for a woman to make a homemade exfoliant of honey and coffee.

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