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Has COVID-19 Crisis Made Honey a 'Prepper' Must-Have?

April 25, 2020

During the pandemic, people are stocking up on raw honey. Read more...

Raw Honey

Preppers are a group of people that take a lot of flack from anyone outside their circles, but every one of them is sitting back right now with a big “I told you so” grin on their face. When everyone else was running out to the store for canned goods and toilet paper, they just went into their doomsday stash and pick some off the top of the pile.

The Honey Surge

Many people do not realize that raw honey never goes bad. Even if it is crystallized, it can be brought back to life and back to its “normal” appearance in a warm-water bath. While old-school preppers already knew this, the new wave of preppers being brought about due to the coronavirus outbreak are now stripping local store shelves of whatever they can find of the golden bounty.

Karen and Chris Foster are local beekeepers that have been providing honey to local festivals for years. This year, however, has seen significant demand for their products. Since they can’t sell at festivals due to the social distancing rules, they are now supplying their product to local stores and people cannot get enough. Karen Foster stated, “Apparently, honey is an apocalypse food, which we didn’t realize. A lot of people are stocking up on it. And it took us a couple of weeks cause we had to bring twice as much to each store as normally we did.”

Keeping the Business Rolling

Initially, Mrs. Foster and her husband thought the coronavirus pandemic might hurt their business, but that has not been the case. Since they were able to place their honey on store shelves, it has probably helped improve their brand awareness and could lead to far more sales in the future. However, even though they are moving their product and introducing it to more people, they are also sad because they love that one-day environment with thousands of people to interact with. Foster stated, “[Festivals are] a one-day event usually, with tens of thousands of people, so bigger than a usual farmer’s market — and it’s nice. I do miss being able to see people. I guess we’ll have to wait ‘till next year.”

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Source: North Nevada Business Weekly

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