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Indigestion? Have Some Honey

March 20, 2015


How many times have you come home from your favorite restaurant to an “uncomfortable” feeling? You are not alone, as many of us simply cannot help ourselves when we are out to eat. The same can be said of family BBQs and holiday dinners. All that food, so little time, a deadly combination leading to over-indulging that winds up as an upset stomach and/or indigestion.

Put that Spoon Down and Sit Up When You Eat!

What is the easiest way to fight stomach problems and indigestion? Don’t overeat! When all that food is on the table or you are tempted to order everything on the menu, back away and avoid stuffing yourself until you feel like you are going to burst! Eat until you are feeling full, not until you explode!

If you have a tendency to eat while lying on the sofa or in bed, you are just asking for trouble. The best way to eat is sitting upright, which will allow the food to literally fall through your digestive system. This will also keep the stomach acids at bay and prevent them from “rising” up into the digestive tract. If you are munching in bed, hopefully you are not doing it right before you go to sleep. Your stomach needs time to digest the food, so try finish eating at least two and a half hours before lying down for the night.

Addressing Your Indigestion Naturally

The first way to address indigestion may not be what you are thinking. Oh, honey is coming, but what we are talking about here is that tight belt you have on. Loosen it up or don’t wear it all! The belt can put extra pressure on your stomach and start indigestion problems. The same thing goes for people bending over. If you have to bend, do so at the knees so those stomach acids we talked about stay where they belong.

Another natural cure for indigestion is bitters. This was a trick many of our mothers or grandmothers used when we ate too much candy. A few dashes of bitters in a glass of water and poof, no stomachache! If bitters are not around the home, try some ginger root, as it is very effective in absorbing acids.

None of those are in your pantry? Well, then, here it comes, try some Manuka honey! Honey is very effective in helping to calm your upset stomach. There are actually numerous enzymes in honey, such as diastase, invertase, inulase, and catalase, which can aid in the digestive system. It may be tough to imagine that eating something else will actually help you from overeating, but in this case, have another spoonful of honey!

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