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Manuka Honey and Other Natural Remedies for Acne

January 23, 2019

Manuka Honey Products For Skin Care

It’s common knowledge that little can wreck your day more than stirring from your bed and feeling refreshed, only to see that your face has broken out, and you’ve got pimples everywhere. Everyone has dealt with this at some point, and it’s usually always at the worst, most inconvenient times. Unfortunately, stressing about it will just make the acne worse, so it’s better to act on your frustration and use treatments alongside whatever your dermatologist recommends. If you’re in need of a natural home remedy right about now, whether it’s Manuka honey, aloe vera, etc., then you need to check out our quick list below:


Because of their many cooling properties, cucumbers can soothe and provide relief for inflamed skin, containing vitamins E, C, and A as well as other soothing nutrients. When used diligently, this vegetable can even help prevent future outbreaks while also regulating oil production. So, to use, you can blend a cucumber with unsweetened, plain yogurt along with a half cup of oatmeal until the consistency appears smooth. Apply this mask before rinsing it off after half an hour using lukewarm water. Additionally, you can simply grate a cucumber and apply it to affected areas before washing it off 30 minutes later.

A third option involves blending a cucumber with two tablespoons of avocado before adding

one teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of soda bicarbonate, and two teaspoons of lemon juice into the paste. Apply this mixture to your face like a regular face mask, and then rinse it off using warm water 30 minutes later. To get the best results, you should use this mask twice a day—just make sure to keep the paste refrigerated for no more than five days.

Manuka Honey and Cinnamon Mask

This delicious mix of ingredients is allegedly packed with bacteria-fighting antioxidants, which can greatly help to remove acne at the root, thereby reducing inflammation. To create this mask, mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of Manuka honey, which should cause a creamy, soft paste to form. Before applying the paste, wash your skin using lukewarm water to allow your pores to open, and then let the paste sit between 10 and 30 minutes before rinsing it off.


As with a standard face mask, toothpaste works by drying acne up and absorbing excess oil whenever it’s applied. At the same time, it’s likely this will only be effective for mild types of acne, so those with cystic acne as well as similarly serious acne should adhere to prescribed treatment from their doctor. For those who can be assisted by toothpaste, start by cooling and soothing your pores via an ice pack on affected areas. Then, apply your toothpaste directly onto the pimples before rinsing it off 30 minutes later. Remember, avoid using a gel or a whitening toothpaste, as it contains chemicals like hydrogen peroxide that could aggravate sensitive skin.

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