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Natural 'Antibiotics' to Boost Immune System

March 12, 2020

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The recent coronavirus outbreak has people reaching for just about any solution they can find to prevent themselves from testing positive. As such, many natural products, including Manuka honey, are flying off the shelves.

Will Manuka Honey Help Fight Coronavirus?

There is no current study or scientific proof to say that it will, but that is not stopping people from using it. Manuka honey also contains antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, realistically, it is very unlikely that Manuka honey on its own will prevent you from contracting the coronavirus and we do not want to deceive you into thinking that it will. Having said that, it won’t hurt to use natural products with properties that could boost your immune system to help you resist other health problems, such as strep throat, urinary injections, and the like. This is very important because the more we learn about the coronavirus, the more we find that other underlying health conditions, especially among the elderly are the prime reason we are seeing fatalities, just as we do with the flu.

Benefits of Going Natural

Antibiotics may be the most overprescribed drugs in our country. Far too many medical professionals pull out their prescription pad “just in case” when antibiotics are not relevant. People that take antibiotics too much can end up building up a resistance to them, which could prevent them from doing their job when they are needed.

We don’t even want to imply these food sources are comparable to medicine, so we would prefer to call them natural immune system boosters.

‘Natural’ Immune System Boosters

Garlic – ask any Italian mother what you should eat to boost your immune system and she will tell you garlic! Garlic is very rich in antibacterial properties and is best eaten raw to gain the most benefit. Rather than just knocking back a raw clove, though, you may want to consider mixing it into dishes raw rather than sautéing it.

Manuka Honey – the more time passes, the more uses it seems people find for Manuka honey. Due to its antibacterial properties, we see people using it as a superfood as well as a topical solution to small wounds.

Ginger – this does not get all the glory of garlic, but many naturalists will tell you it is even better than garlic when it comes to antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Clove – some might tell you this is an old wife's tale, but cloves have been associated with oral health forever. This is a common natural “cure” for oral infections.

Turmeric – this is a very popular spice for both its flavor and its antimicrobial properties.

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Source: Longevity Live

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