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Natural Hangover Remedies

December 29, 2018

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For those who’ve ever had one drink too many, you’re likely well accustomed to a hangover’s tell-tale symptoms—throbbing temples and a concentrated pain in your forehead exacerbated by simply moving or breathing. There’s also that lump in the throat from a sick stomach that’s just barely keeping in the previous night’s alcohol as well as the bloated belly, the puffy face, and the bouts of vomiting if you’re unlucky enough. While binge drinking is never a safe practice to get into, it’s possible to go overboard and get carried away with drinks during holiday parties.

To help you get over a hangover or two this holiday season, there are a few things you can do immediately, such as drinking water, taking ibuprofen, and eating a small, healthy meal. However, you can also try out a few other natural remedies to help speed the process along.


As an allegedly strong herbal hangover remedy, ginger is said to stimulate blood flow while also reducing queasiness and settling an upset stomach. The spice and warmth of ginger can also stimulate metabolism and thereby enhance detoxification. To use, you try making a tea with the spice, adding a little Manuka honey if you prefer it or simply aren’t yet familiar with the taste of ginger.


This so-called super spice has been hailed for pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric is also said to directly affect liver cells by encouraging repair and regeneration.


Regarding mint, it does wonders for digestion and boosting energy, with its menthol essential oils helping to decrease nausea while also improving concentration and clarity.


Parsley is said to help with clearing harmful acid out of the body because of its high chlorophyll and mineral content. Being a diuretic, it can also help to move toxins out through the urinary tract.


For hangovers, rosemary can act as a natural stimulant and therefore help to relieve feelings of fatigue that are common with hangovers. For a hangover-related upset stomach, rosemary may be used via the bath or possibly inhaled in its oil form.


Chamomile is said to be ideal for relaxing and calming the body and the mind, which is especially great for those who fear the next morning’s hangover. For a hangover remedy, chamomile tea with some Manuka honey may also work well for headaches and indigestion.

Vitamin C

As you might expect, vitamin C can provide your immune system the extra boost it needs and possibly even help in stimulating the liver to better break down alcohol. Fortunately, naturally-occurring vitamin C is found in fruits and various food supplements.

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