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Nurses Treat Premature Baby with Manuka Honey

September 23, 2019

Manuka Honey

We are always amazed at how creative people can get with the use of Manuka honey but rarely has a story made us feel as good as the story you are about to read. Young Arlo was born severely premature and in such bad shape and tragic conditions, his doctors gave him very little chance to survive. Born at only 21 weeks, there is simply no way his parents or the doctors and nurses providing care could have pictured this baby leaving the hospital with his mother.

In addition to the problem of being born so premature, the baby also had what appeared to be translucent skin when he was born. His mother, Emma Hope, stated she could see the child’s ribs and blood coursing through his tiny veins when he was first born. She stated, “I couldn’t believe that someone so tiny could possibly survive. He could literally fit in the palm of my hand but he was a fighter and so I named him Arlo, which means warrior. I could see through his skin and see the blood going round his little body and count his ribs.”

Baby Arlo would have two more challenges to face. During birth, the umbilical cord had been moved and was not supplying oxygen to the baby. When doctors realized this, they performed a C section on his mother, then immediately put the baby into intensive care to try to nurse him to health. Not long after he was born, doctors noticed his tummy was severely bloated. After examinations and x-rays, it was found that Arlo had a severe inflammation and another operation was needed to remove a portion of his bowel.

Arlo’s mother Emma stated, “The surgeon came to see us and said that there was a chance Arlo wouldn’t make it through the night. My legs went from under me. I was so scared I couldn’t talk. I was allowed to kiss Arlo before he was taken for surgery. That kiss was the first time I’d been able to touch him. I just hoped it wasn’t the last.” After the surgery, nurses treated some of the baby’s wounds with Manuka honey to help them heal.

Arlo would face several more challenges over the next few months, but he always seemed to fight his way through them. Now, five months after being born, his mother and father are finally able to take him home. Oddly enough, it is only three weeks past Arlo’s original due date. So, at nine pounds and three ounces, Arlo can finally see his new home. Emma stated, “He’s an inquisitive little boy and I’m so lucky he never gave up and kept fighting to survive. I’ve decided our family is complete now and won’t be having any more children. I have my little girl and now Arlo. He’s my little warrior.”

Source: Mirror

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