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Reality Star Aisha Jade Says Manuka All the Way!

June 07, 2018

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After rising to fame as a star of the reality show Big Brother in 2014, Aisha Jade, now a fashion designer, has kept up a physique that would make many out in the world envious, as she often does via social media. Jade, who is originally from New Zealand, recently revealed how she approaches fitness and diet as well as how it keeps her head on straight. This is crucial, as the 26-year-old must split her time between Sydney and Los Angeles, run her fashion label, and continue working as an actor. With such a busy life, Jade unsurprisingly chooses to begin her day as calmly as possible.

At 7:00 am, Jade starts her day with hot tea mixed with Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar—as opposed to coffee—for energy as well as at least 10 minutes for meditation. By 8:00, she’s either at the gym or out for a morning hike in the hills. “I always love to do more of a cardio-based workout in the mornings,” Jade said. She also chooses to forgo breakfast until about 10:30, in which time she also has her day’s first coffee, specifically an almond milk latte. In terms of food, Jade opts for a meal packed with protein, something like, “scrambled egg whites with turmeric and anything else I have in the fridge—usually some sauerkraut, avocado and spinach, or kale. Topped with chili flakes.”

From there, Jade continues her day focusing on smaller meals rather than a few large ones, with snacks like nuts, tea, and fruit to hold her over. When it comes to lunch, Jade likes to keep it simple, opting for a fresh green salad or a few rice cakes with peanut butter or tuna. Around late afternoon, maybe 4:00 pm, Jade has what is usually her second snack of the day, consisting of tea, fruit, and nuts again, and it’s something she says she cannot do without.

Keeping up her focus on strong health, Jade said her day’s main meal, which she often has around 7:00 pm, is typically an even mix of vegetables and fish, providing more than enough protein to finish out the day. “I've been trying not to eat much meat since the beginning of this year, so dinner usually consists of fish and vegetables or a salad with some added goodness like sweet potato,” she said. For dessert, Jade allows herself at least one sweet indulgence. “I'm obsessed with Halo Top [whey ice cream]…I have to be careful not to eat the full tub. Or good old dark chocolate and a cup of chamomile tea.”

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Photo via Get to Know Youtube Video

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