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Transitioning Your Winter Skincare Routine to Spring with Manuka Honey

April 17, 2019

Manuka Honey Products For Skin Care

Winter might be the hardest time of the year to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. However, while you’re likely excited for spring, this seasonal shift can be equally as irritating for your skin. "You're coming out of a season where the skin is quite compromised and the barrier is very fragile, and then spring is quite volatile," Nichola Weir, who founded Pacific Touch NYC, said. "You’re getting those warmer to hot temperatures, which boosts oil flow, and also sweat, which is a huge irritant."

Holistic esthetician Britta Plug is of the same mindset, saying, "Our bodies reflect nature, so when nature goes to sleep for the winter, our oil production slows down, our hair growth slows down, and when everything comes to life in spring, our skin kind of does the same." The best way to approach this change in seasons is to make small changes in your skincare routine, and your skin should remain calm and clear.

Hydrating Your Skin Without Suffocating It

One surefire way of transitioning your skincare routine into springtime is by easing up on your face oil or moisturizer. You should still maintain the moisture levels in your skin, but don't suffocate your skin using heavy products, as the production of natural skin oils is increasing. Try using hydrating facial mists after cleansing, such as with rosewater, followed by face oil or lighter moisturizer that your skin will absorb well. "You want to calm and soothe the skin," says Cecilia Wong, a celebrity facialist. "So, anything with a stronger acid like glycolic acid should be put aside for now, especially if you experience eczema or rosacea flare-ups."

Repairing and Soothing with Manuka Honey

If your skin becomes especially irritated when spring rolls around, a DIY Manuka honey restoring mask should give you a world of help. "I love a Manuka honey mask for any kind of skin irritation, whether it's acne or any type of rash," Plug said. "It's just really calming, helps to restore the skin, and it's super-antibacterial and healing. A probiotic-rich yogurt mask would be great too, because it helps strengthen the skin's microbiome so it can heal itself." To make this mask, combine half a teaspoon of Manuka honey and several drops of lukewarm water, spread the honey on your face, let it sit for around 15 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Investing in an Air Purifier

When spring arrives, so does allergy season and facial irritation. For Wong’s clients, there are quite a bit of dry, red patches on the skin as well as plenty of puffiness, and that’s why she tells them air purifiers are perfect for ridding their homes of irritants like dust laden with pollen. "I would highly recommend an air purifier for your bedroom or any room where you hang out a lot," Wong said. It’s also smart to incorporate houseplants that may purify interior air naturally, such as Boston ferns, spider plants, peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, snake plants, and philodendrons.

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