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What Type of Honey is Best for Skincare?

August 22, 2020

Our money is on raw, unfiltered honey.

Raw Honey

We do a lot of articles touting honey as a great recipe ingredient for skincare hacks, but they only work if you are using the right honey. Honey, in its raw form, has some great properties, much of which are lost the moment it becomes pasteurized. So, raw honey is ideal. The price tag will sometimes scare people away, but they need to realize that even though the cute little bear costs a lot less, there are almost zero nutritional benefits and in terms of skincare, the pasteurization process strips away just about everything good in the honey.

Why Raw Honey?

  1. Raw honey has antibacterial qualities – there is no debate about this, as study after study has been done showing the antibacterial qualities of raw honey, which gets kicked up a notch when you talk about specialty honey-like UMF+ Manuka honey.
  2. It’s a good acid – acid is generally something that makes us think of something negative, but honey has a pH level of between three and four, which makes it ideal for killing bacteria.
  3. Hydroscopic properties – this means honey can draw in water and hold it, which is why we see more and more people using it to treat minor wounds, such as scrapes and cuts. It is also why more and more vets seem to be treating animal wounds with raw honey.
  4. It’s a humectant – this means that the honey helps to draw moisture INTO the skin, helping keep the skin hydrated.

The Different Types of Honey

When it comes to the BEST honey, nothing beats raw, unfiltered honey. When you see recipes for face masks and exfoliants, this is what you should be using. It will be far thicker and creamier than what you are used to in the little bear, and it will cost more, but nothing has been stripped away from it and you will get every benefit raw honey offers.

Filtered raw honey might be more attractive to the consumer, but filtering does remove some key properties of the honey, most notably the wax and propolis you will see in unfiltered raw honey. Even though this honey is heated during the filtering process, that heat is nothing compared to pasteurization.

Pasteurized honey is pretty much useless unless you just want something sweet and sticky. Virtually every good characteristic and element that is good in honey is removed during this process, making it less healthy to eat and less effective in DIY skincare.

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Source: Raw Raw Beauty

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