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DIY Summer Honey Body Scrub

September 05, 2020

This DIY body scrub will freshen you right up after a long day at the beach!

Manuka Honey Products For Skin Care

During the summer, we can really abuse our skin, even when we are taking care of it. These days, when we head outside, we usually pile on the sunscreen to ensure we don’t get burned. Considering the thickness of many of these sunscreens, it is not surprising that even after a full day at the beach and a good shower, there may be some residue left behind.

For that reason, we love to use a good body scrub to ensure our pores are open and our skin is clean during the summer months (and winter for those of us that love to go skiing). Above the lotion, water, and sand, we also have to worry about our pores getting clogged from sweat, something we hope to alleviate with this body scrub.

Now, before we get into the recipe, we once again want to recommend before using DIY recipes such as this for skincare, you discuss it with your dermatologists. Some of the ingredients in this recipe may be too hard for certain skin conditions and/or allergies, so ALWAYS check before using.

DIY Citrus and Honey Salt Body Scrub

The reason I prefer this for the summer is the citrus. It just seems to define the summer and always gives me a nice pickup after I use it. Because of the types of ingredients, however, I have found that using this no more than two times a week works great. I generally pick the days when I know I am going to the beach and will have quite a bit of gunk on my face by the time I get home… and this rids my face of all of them!


  • 1/2c fine grain sea salt (I use sea salt crystals and put them in my blender and grind to a fine quality)
  • 1T raw honey
  • 1T fresh citrus juice (I prefer lemon, but will sometimes use lime or orange)
  • 1T virgin coconut oil
  • 1T avocado or avocado oil

To Make:

  1. Using a small bowl, combine all ingredients
  2. While taking shower, apply the mixture to the desired body parts (this is NOT for the face)
  3. Concentrate on areas that are rougher at first, such as your knees, elbows, feet, etc.
  4. You should apply the mixture in a circular fashion
  5. Once you have applied to all desired areas, rinse clean

When you get out of the shower, you should feel energized completely free of all that residue you have been dragging around for the last few days! If you need to order some raw honey to make this body scrub, click here. And, remember, we offer FREE shipping on all orders of $150 or more.

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