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Manuka Honey and Other Natural Ways of Managing Allergies

April 23, 2019


Finally, the cold weather is gone, and we can start planning our down time around the list of fun activities we want to do outside (or at least aspire to). However, nothing sucks the fun out of the outdoors faster than head colds and allergies. Though you have your decongestants, antihistamines, eye drops, and nasal sprays as options for keeping your allergies at bay, you have other options to go alongside those. There are plenty of all-natural, holistic ways of managing your allergies, and you can find a few down below!

Take Simple Precautions

When you’re outside, protect yourself from making direct contact with possible triggers by putting on a hat and sunglasses, and washing your hands after you come inside again is also very helpful for ridding yourself of pollen.

Try Bee Pollen in a Smoothie

“Bee pollen,” as the name suggests, comes from the flower pollen that bees collect before then turning it into smaller particles using honey and saliva. Admittedly, this might sound unappetizing—or simply counterproductive, given it’s pollen we’re talking about—but, as per Dr. Heather Moday, a certified allergist, bee pollen allegedly is thought of as being similar to allergy shots.

“The idea is that when you ingest pollen on a daily basis, it’ll desensitize your immune system over time,” Moday said, but you should still consult your own doctor regarding bee pollen. Also, bee pollen contains many nutrients, such as amino acids, protein, and various vitamins, as well as apparently strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Clean Your House Thoroughly

While many believe that staying indoors means they’re avoiding all potential triggers, there could still be allergens hiding in your home’s fabrics, such as in carpets, furniture, and drapes. To protect yourself indoors as well, you’ll need to vacuum and dust all the allergens away, but you should keep the windows open and wear a mask while doing so to avoid overloading your sinuses.

Watch for Mold

As with indoor allergens, mold is something else that could be attacking your body’s immune system as well as your allergies. One place that’s especially overlooked is shower curtains, but you can keep mold at bay by using a solution spray made with water, baking soda, and vinegar.

Use Manuka Honey in Tea

“The active ingredient [in Manuka honey], MGL methylglyoxal, has been shown to be effective for treatments against nasal mucus—which is [one of the symptoms] you experience when you have allergies,” according to Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD.

Use Allergen-Fighting Toothpaste

There are allergy-desensitizing toothpastes, such as Allerdent from allergist Dr. William Reisacher, available to help fight those dreaded allergens right alongside any plaque or cavities you may have on your teeth.

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