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Popular Manuka Honey Questions

February 26, 2020

Here are the anwers to some of the more common Manuka honey questions we receive. Read more...

Manuka Honey

The more popular Manuka honey becomes, the more questions people have about it. That being the case, we wanted to address some of the more common questions we get asked.

Where Does Manuka Honey Come From?

Depending upon which purveyor you are using, you will probably get a different answer in either New Zealand or Australia. The fact,  however, is that authentic Manuka honey ONLY comes from New Zealand.

As a quick history lesson, the Manuka flower is present in both countries. However, for years, Manuka was plowed in Australian fields and it was not until New Zealander Peter Molan discovered the value of Manuka honey that it became so popular. The two countries are currently locked in a legal battle over naming rights but that does not change the fact the original and authentic product comes from New Zealand.

What Makes Manuka Honey Different from Local Honey?

While you can buy local raw honey, it will still not have the same properties as Manuka honey. One of the unique aspects of Manuka honey the presence of compounds not found in any other type of honey, with the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO) at the top of that list. The higher the content of the MGO, the higher the UMF rating.

Can I Cook with Manuka Honey?

Yes, absolutely! When cooking, though, there is no need to spend the extra money on UMF+ Manuka honey unless you specifically want or need that creamy, rich, caramel flavor. We also have two other options you can use for cooking. Blue Borage honey is a bit more floral than regular Manuka honey and it works great for a variety of recipes. There is also Pohutukawa honey, which has a rich flavor but also has a slightly salty finish to it. This is exceptional in recipes with chocolate or caramel, where that bit of saltiness complements the recipe.

If you are going to cook with raw honey, though, make sure you properly adjust your recipe. The Kitchn has a very good conversion instruction page, which you can see by clicking here.

Is Manuka Honey a Raw Honey?

Yes. Most of the honey you buy in local grocery stores are more sugar than anything else. Rest assured, the clearer the honey, the more dangerous it is for health. Raw honey is unfiltered and it allows you to enjoy all its natural properties.

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